Brick & Stone Cleaning, Paint & Graffiti Removal Specialists

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Health and Safety Statement and General Policy:

It is our ongoing company policy to provide/ensure:-

1.                  Adequate controls of all health and safety risks arising from all work activities.
2.                  Assessment and control in providing safe plant and/or equipment.
3.                  All staff/employees are fully trained in respect of health and safety to include instruction and supervision.
4.                  All staff/employees have access to the necessary safety equipment/protective clothing etc.
5.                  Full training in the use of all substances/chemicals.
6.                  Prevention of accidents and work related ill health.
7.                  Working conditions are both safe and healthy.
8.                  Potential hazards are assessed with the use of necessary public signage etc.

Note:  This policy is reviewed and revised regularly.

The company has Public and Employers Liability Insurance